Night out turns spooky when photo reveals ghostly presence

A group of friends have been left feeling spooked after photos they took of themselves five years ago revealed a haunting figure standing behind them.


UFO sighting raises questions about alien spacecraft lighting

A recent UFO sighting has raised questions over whether we should ever expect to see lights on an alien spacecraft.


The trouble with UFO sighting videos

You just can’t win with UFO sighting videos.  If the video is grainy and shaky, everyone cries “fake!” and laments on the fact that UFO videos are never high quality.  Then, when the video quality is high, everyone shouts “fake!” again and insists it must


Real ghost footage?

Oh, I sooooo want to believe with this one!  The guy is a regular poster of art-related videos on YouTube.  This time, when recording his video, some ghostly activity happens right behind him.  Initially I wasn’t entirely convinced by his reaction, but then I thought


Some breaking Apocalypse news…

Breaking news just in that Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, saying he is too old to continue. What does this have to do with the end of the world, you ask?  Back in 1139, Irish Saint Malachy (known as a great prophet) had a vision


Same time next Apocalypse?

Well, the good news is that we all survived the most recent apocalypse prediction – the end of the Mayan Calendar on 21st December 2012. The bad news is that there are more apocalypses to come . In fact, apocalypse predictions have been around for


Creepy haunted dolls, anyone?

This came up on my Twitter feed today – Doll House Cam! From their website: “Set in a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania amongst the mountains and streams is a little known secret. Seven dolls that once were loved by little girls now adorn the home


Halloween Psychic Challenge at Goldsmiths

I’ve just been reading this article (link will open in a new window) on BBC news about a psychic challenge at Goldsmiths, University of London. The gist of the test was that five volunteers sat hidden behind a screen, while two psychic mediums each had to write


Real life zombies??

City of Miami police were called to an incident involving a naked man eating the face of another man.  The attacker was asked to stop by the police but continued to chomp, so the officer had no option but to shoot.  Unfortunately, one shot didn’t


Engineer ‘talks’ to his dead teenage daughter after developing paranormal detection devices

A grief-stricken electrical engineer believes he has found a way to communicate with his dead daughter eight years after her death. Using his expertise to design and build a series of electromagnetic detection devices, Gary Galka claims to have even recorded his eldest daughter Melissa